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Hall Effect Single Axis Hall-Effect Rocker Joystick - Series J3RH

J3RH Single Axis Hall-Effect Rocker Joystick
Fine Precision Joystick Series


Electrical Specifications:

 Current consumption: approx. 7 mA
 Applied Voltage 5V DC ±10%
 0.5V to 4.5V output
 Linearity (independent): ±3.0%
 Lever Electrical Angle: 30° Max.
 Resolution: Essentially Infinite

Mechanical Specifications:
 ±15° from center deflection angle
 Life expectancy: 5 million operations
 Spring return to center
 Housing material: High temp. thermoplastic
 IP65 Rating

Request For Quotation

Standard J3RH (In-stock item)

   Outputs: (see PDF engineering drawing)
Type P - Dual outputs, same polarity
Type X - Dual outputs, opposite polarities
Type S - Single output terminal A

   Handle: (see PDF engineering drawing)
Handle Style 1
Handle Style 2
Handle Style 3

Friction clutch (holds position, replaces spring return)

Spring return to one end

   Comments & Special Requirements:
Quantity Required Date Required
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